In-School Programs

Castro school offers many educational opportunities that go above and beyond the grade level content standards mandated by the state of California.

Music and Art Classes

The Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA), in Mountain View, provides music and art instruction at Castro. From Kindergarten to 4th grade students receive art instruction during the first semester and music instruction during the second semester. 5th grades students can chose to concentrate on either art or music for the full school year.

These excellent programs are provided by the Mountain View Education Foundation (MVEF) and a small grant from CSMA. Without parent donations to MVEF these enriching classes would not be possible.


Computers and Technology

The use of technology in the classroom supports and integrates the subject matter curriculum. All Castro classrooms are wired for Internet access. Each classroom can be scheduled for computer lab time for projects as needed.

The most widely used technology programs at Castro are ST Math for mathematics practice and Accelerated Reader for reading practice.


Field Trips

Each grade level is scheduled for one field trip per trimester. Most of the time these field trips are off campus, but occasionally organizations come to Castro instead. Permission slips are required for children to participate in field trips and teachers may ask parents to sign up as field trip chaperones.

PTA volunteers plan field trips with input from classroom teachers to ensure the off-site experiences tie into the classroom curriculum.


Physical Education Instruction

Our district contracts with Rhythm and Moves for physical education classes for all students in grade 1, 2 and 3. Classes meet weekly for 45 minutes and the teacher remains with the students. Our district contracts with Rhythm and Moves for 4th and 5th grade PE also. Classes meet twice a week for 45 minutes.  Rhythm and Moves provides credentialed teachers while the classroom teachers have planning and preparation time.


Playworks works with teachers, playground supervisors and others who support playground activities to empower them with valuable tools, group management skills and resources to encourage play. Playworks helps schools to leverage the power of play—accelerating children’s health and learning. When students are active and engaged at recess, they return to class ready to learn.

Playworks staff and yard duty supervision members provide Castro children with rotational game options during play times to increase participation in games and deter negative behaviors during recess.