Instructional Program

The Traditional Program offers a standards-based curriculum in accordance with California State Board of Education and Mountain View-Whisman School District guidelines. A rigorous academic curriculum is strengthened by the use of instructional strategies proven to increase student motivation, student engagement, and achievement.

Students in the Traditional Program:

  • demonstrate academic achievement in challenging core curriculum taught in English
  • systematically and effectively acquire conversational and academic English
  • develop a positive self-image, a strong sense of the worth of his or her language and culture and a respect for other cultures.

All the teachers in the Traditional Program hold a California Multiple Subjects Credential with a Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development (CLAD) emphasis. In addition teachers have received training in Comprehensive Early Literacy Learning (CELL) and Extended Literacy Learning (EXLL) and use content-based ESL and Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE) strategies to promote language development in conjunction with a balanced literacy program and high quality materials.

The Traditional Program serves a diverse multicultural group of K-5 students. Students enrolled in this program receive daily instruction in the core academic subjects (Language Arts, Math, History-Social Studies, Science) as well as weekly instruction in Library, Technology, and Physical Education. Enrichment programs in Art, Music, and Performing Arts are also offered through the Community School of Music & Art.

The Traditional Program’s richest assets are its students. All students are valued and nurtured in a learning environment that is inclusive and celebrates plurality and diversity. Teachers at Castro provide students with a solid foundation for their future positive contributions as citizens of the world.